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Outsourcing and Offshoring: Whitepapers and Research

Here we present select research articles and whitepapers on Offshoring and Outsourcing. If you find an article that you wish linked, please send us a note.

  • Offshoring and Public Fear: Assessing the Real Threat to Jobs: A new Reason Foundation report shows the offshore outsourcing monster that American workers fear, and politicians are drafting legislation to defend against, has been greatly exaggerated. Between 1996 and 2003, offshore outsourcing was responsible for just 0.9 percent of the jobs lost in mass layoffs in the United States. The study says a more imminent threat to jobs is outforcing, poor policies coupled with high tax rates that force companies to seek out friendlier business climates - Offshore Outsourcing Resource Center
  • The Offshore Road to Serfdom: Reason's Adrian Moore and Ted Balaker examine the offshore outsourcing ruckus and bring a little reality to the discussion by examining the economics, the real job creation going on, and the issue of government outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing is a Natural Force in Free Markets: Jeff Singer, surgeon and adjunct scholar with Reason, points out how outsourcing has benefited health care and why we can expect similar benefits in the whole economy.
  • Managing and Implementing Outsourced Projects: Management of IT projects executed from offshore destinations has brought a lot of attention to offshoring, which is being recognized as a megatrend in some quarters. There is an increasing focus on managing and executing IT projects with geographically and culturally dispersed teams. Best practices, theories and a body of knowledge on managing projects are well established, but there is a distinct void when it comes to the practices of managing offshored projects. Emerging research on successful working models, practices, and the application of strategies and operational tactics are expected to reinforce the body of knowledge. - Advice by Mohan Babu (COMPUTERWORLD)
  • Offshore Lore: Jeff Taylor divulges the myths and facts of white-collar outsourcing.
  • Chipped Beef: Large high-tech companies like Intel that don't retain their core competencies in the U.S., even as they shift grunt work overseas, will not be in business for very long, with or without foreign competition
  • Meeting the Offshoring Challenge: According to the Progressive Policy Institute, neither the right's "get cheap" agenda nor the left's inclination to erect walls makes sense. Instead, the offshoring challenge requires an aggressive three-part Third Way agenda to help the U.S. economy adapt and innovate.
  • A Brief History of Outsourcing: For some, globalization is about opening up free trade between countries – increasing globalization helps to create opportunities for nations and benefits workers in both rich and poor countries. For others, globalization is yet another way for the rich to line their pockets at the expense of the poor – a non-sustainable system that excludes developing nations. Whichever opinion, there is much history for globalized trade.