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Is a global high-tech work force bad for U.S.? Experts torn about the impact of a swell of skilled workers in foreign countries and a drop in some U.S. advanced degrees.
Dell plans to double staff in India Headcount to increase to 20,000 over next three years as company aims to serve Indian market for desktops, laptops.
Bush defends India job outsourcing President says best remedy is to encourage prospective employees in U.S. to acquire more skills.
Software vendors face rising offshore costs Sand Hill Group study finds software vendors reliant on offshore but still grappling with costs and distributed development.
Egypt's goal: To be the land of offshoring With wages of about $400 per month and 18,000 applications for every call center position, Egypt is looking to take business from Bangladore.

Unisys predicts new outsourcing metrics for 2006: Outsourcing services will continue to grow in 2006 if indications are anything to by. Global Technology consultancy and outsourcing major Unisys Corp

Indian BPO firms recruiting in Britain: Evalueserve, a consulting company, estimates that the Indian offshoring industry will require 160,000 foreign-language professionals by 2010...

Building an offshore presence: This is expected to drive the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offshoring market place as much as anything, although it will filter across to IT as well