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GE to Save $ 1 Billion by 2005 Through Offshore Outsourcing
ABN-AMRO Bank Cuts Total Costs on Business Processes by 40 to 70 Percent Through Offshoring
Northwestern Mutual Solves the IT Talent Shortage Problem Through Offshore Outsourcing

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/23/2004 -- A book capturing the controversial trend of offshore outsourcing was published and is available in book stores. Titled, "Offshore Outsourcing: A Path to New Efficiencies in IT and Business Processes," the book is a guide to achieving new efficiencies through offshore outsourcing. It also deals with the offshore imperative and its benefits, current trends, legislative issues, the future of global trade and jobs.

The book is authored by Dr. Nandu Thondavadi, Professor at the Kellogg School of Management & the Founding Managing Director of Mascon Global Limited, an India based listed IT/BPO outsourcing firm; and George Albert, a freelance journalist. Scott Bayman, President and CEO of GE India wrote its preface.

Nearly 50 percent is devoted to real life case studies of GE, Citibank, ABN-AMRO Bank, NorthWestern Mutual, Infosys Technologies, and Mascon Global. The book also addresses the success strategies of companies like EDS, IBM, HSBC, and Microsoft among others. Companies such as GE predict a saving of $1billion by 2005, Citibank currently saves around $75 million on its trade finance processes and British Airways has reduced costs by $42 million through offshore outsourcing to India.

Offshore Outsourcing has created a revolution in developed economies, in the backdrop of political controversy and potential global trade wars. Corporations in the US and Europe have cut costs on IT and business processes by as much as 50 percent, improved quality, refocused on core competencies, and increased speed to market by migrating process offshore. This book details the steps, risks, and benefits of offshore outsourcing and is a must read.

Dr. Thondavadi brings his exceptional academic and real life learning to bear in authoring this book. George Albert brings his extensive experience as a business journalist in its creation.

Commenting on the launch of the book, Dr. Thondavadi said, "Offshoring services will bring the next round of efficiencies that will transcend from large companies to smaller companies creating new market realities. The offshoring non-believers are converts now."

Scott Bayman, comments in the preface, "Despite the hurdles, offshore outsourcing will prevail. Global competitiveness drives it; the basic law of economics command it; and shareholder returns demand it. This book provides an in-depth look at the outsourcing process, the benefits that companies accrue, and the path to achieve them."

The book proves how erecting trade barriers is detrimental to growth both in the developed countries and the developing countries where processes are outsourced.

"GM, Ford, and McDonalds can sell their products in India, due to the offshore outsourcing phenomenon that has expanded the middle class in that country. Also the appreciating currencies of these developing nations make US exports more competitive," said Dr. Thondavadi commenting on controversies around outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing touches companies, investors and employees and this book is an essential reference for managers to understand the hidden costs of offshoring, offshore delivery channels, and the strategies for successful offshoring.

A section details strategies adopted by independent local service providers such as Infosys, TCS, Mascon, and Wipro; independent multinational service providers such as EDS and IBM Global Services; and Captive Service providers like GE, ABN-AMRO Bank, and Microsoft.

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