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May 2007 Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) the next big thing
May 2007 Alan Blinder against Offshoing? What does it mean to Indians and Indian-Americans?: Blinder's viewpoints and the debate it will generate in the run-up towards US Presidential elections could impact Indians if there is a continued anti-offshoring rhetoric. This said, a slowdown in globalization and offshoring is a long shot.
December 2006 How project managers can succeed with globalization - The implication for project managers is clear: we are increasingly being expected to articulate and deliver on corporate sourcing strategies by managing delivery of globalized projects. Managers focused on information technology (IT) and business processes and transformation must be distinctly aware of the impact of globalization on the practice of project management. IT Manager's Journal
Nov 2006 Globalization and Offshoring Of Software -- the report from ACM Job Migration Task Force, titled "Globalization and Offshoring of Software." Ubiquity (An ACM IT Magazine)
Aug 2006 Managing Offshore Software Projects The Agile way - Two part article on Managing offshore projects using agile techniques.
July, 2006 Offshore Outsourcing Models - The term "offshoring" conjures a vision of work flowing from large corporations to technology vendors halfway across the globe. Perhaps the burgeoning Indian IT and BPO industry that is notching upwards of $15 billion to $18 billion a year makes it sound like the work "just flows." -
Feb 22, 2006 The outsourcing wave hits investment bankers It's not just IT support anymore. Banks increasingly are taking their research analysis operations abroad -- and deal-making may be next.
Feb 17, 2006 Offshoring About to Bite the U.S. R&D Community - OpEd in
Feb 17, 2006 Outsourcing Hasn't Hit Its Peak Not even close, says Lakshmi Narayanan, CEO of Cognizant, who explains how Western companies can benefit from the growing trend - Business Week
Feb 7, 2006 BEA exec defends offshoring - Speaking on the topic of building a developer ecosystem, Bill Roth, vice president of the BEA Workshop business unit, said offshoring - the hiring of IT - InfoWorld, CA
Feb 2, 2006 GM outsources $15 billion in IT work: Five-year contracts were given to Electronic Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, France's Cap Gemini, the Compuware Covisint unit of Compuware, and India's Wipro. - Reuters
Jan 18, 2006 Is Offshoring Good? The head of an Indian consulting firm and a high-tech-union president face off on the effects of offshoring and globalization. ... Fast Company
Jan 12, 2006 Can offshore outsourcers end reign of Big Six? - CNET

Nov 23, 2005 

Outsourcing to the Philippines: Metro Manila and beyond - neoIT  

Oct 17, 2005 

Cracking the Code - Lee Richardson, Gantthead

Oct 16, 2005 

RP eyes wider niche in business process outsourcing market in US -Louie Alonso Belmonte, The Manila Bulletin

Sep 23, 2005 

Man on the move -Business India

Aug 8, 2005 

Of Pearls, Pipes, Parallelism and My Least Favorite Toys - David Birmingham, DM Review

Jul 15, 2005 

Stride network for Markets The Hindu Business Line  

Jul 13, 2005 

Headstrong develops Strides at Bangalore centre - India Infoline  

Jul 11, 2005 

Headstrong on IT - Maricar Manuzon,  

Jun 17, 2005 

The Internal Market: Maximizing Liquidity's Value - Tabb Group Research  

Jun 8, 2005 

Credit Suisse Privilege Increases Market Share and Builds Customer Loyalty with Siebel Insurance - Siebel Systems  

Jun 2, 2005 

Headstrong among the 250 leading outsourcing and offshoring companies profiled - Hoovers  

Jun 1, 2005 

Computer pioneer gives Oxford £60m to solve the world's biggest problems - Richard Garner, The Independent  

May 20, 2005 

Once More, From the Beginning - David Birmingham, DM Review  

Apr 15, 2005 

The Future of Business in India and China - Richard Springer, India West  

Mar 22, 2005 

Internal Marketplace – Is it the Next Big Thing? - Financial Markets World  

Mar 9, 2005 

Headstrong Philippines Listed at SEI for CMMi Level 3 - Software Engineering Institute (SEI)  

Mar 5, 2005 

WEBWORKS OS works with Headstrong Philippines to penetrate US market -  

Mar 1, 2005 

RP to Catch Up in Outsourcing Market The Manila Bulletin Online  

Feb 11, 2005 

Techspan to hire 1,000 IITians Ishani Duttagupta, The Economic Times  

Feb 11, 2005 

Techspan to invest $16M in India by June The Economic Times  

Jan 10, 2005 

The Offshore 100 List Managing Offshore  

Jan 1, 2005 

20 Top Strategies for a Post-Quota World Apparel Magazine  

Oct 18, 2004 

Jersey City's Blueprint For Technology Success - Cristina McEachern, VARBusiness  

Jul 26, 2004 

ANA Rolls Out Its First Alliance Liveried Aircraft - Network Online  

Jul 12, 2004 

Headstrong Arm Plans $7-m Facility in Bangalore - The Hindu Business Line  

Jul 5, 2004 

A Global Gambit - Network World  

Jun 28, 2004 

The Art of Successful Offshore Outsourcing IT World  

May 31, 2004 

Headstrong Customer Bank of New York Tells All About Its CRM Success - InformationWeek  

May 3, 2004 

We Want to Play the Value Game, Not the Volume Game - Express Computer  

May 1, 2004 

Been There Done That: Headstrong Flourishes with his Experience - IndUS Business Journal  

May 1, 2004 

Emerging Trend in Offshore Financial Services - Britain in Hong Kong, the British Chamber's monthly magazine  

Apr 2, 2004 

We've Gotta Get Their Accent - Outlook India  

Apr 2, 2004 

Headstrong to add 160 in B'lore - Cyber India Online Ltd.  

Mar 28, 2004 

Mega BPO Deals Being Kept Secret - Economic Times  

Mar 28, 2004 

Headstrong Corp to Strengthen Bangalore Center, Expand Financial Services Portfolio - India Post  

Feb 23, 2004 

IT Firms Skirt US Visa Curb - Business Standard  

Feb 11, 2004 

IT CEOs Are Partying Again Harsh Singh Lohit, Headstrong  

Jan 28, 2004 

Size Wise: Two Players Came Together to Make One Big Entity - The Hindu Business Line  

Jan 26, 2004 

U.S. Mint Buys into Enterprise Architecture Federal Computer Week  

Jan 5, 2004 

U.S. Mint Relies on Headstrong and Computas for EA Success - Signal Magazine  

Jan 1, 2004 

More Co-opetition Urged in RP Software Industry -  

Dec 18, 2003 

Star Alliance Signs Three-Year MSA with Headstrong Subsidiary - Press Relations  

Nov 14, 2003 

Headstrong Looks At BPO Facility In India Financial Express  

Nov 10, 2003 

Headstrong and TechSpan Merge to Provide Full Range of Offshore-Outsourcing Services - InformationWeek  

Nov 6, 2003 

Headstrong Eyes More Opportunities for RP with Merger - BusinessWorld  

Nov 4, 2003 

TechSpan Merges with Headstrong Financial Express  

Nov 3, 2003 

Merger Widens Outsourcing Geography CNET  

Nov 3, 2003 

TechSpan Merges with Headstrong Cyber India Online Ltd.  

Nov 2, 2003 

As U.S. Economy Gains Ground, Outsourcing of Work Abroad Surges - The Boston Globe  

Sep 15, 2003 

Offshore Buyer's Guide: The Philippines Computerworld  

Sep 12, 2003 

Headstrong Customer U.S. Mint Wins e-Gov Enterprise Architecture Award - e-Gov  

Sep 1, 2003 

Headstrong Client Shanghai Roche Earns Top Honors in China Hospital Market - CustomerThink  

Aug 1, 2003 

Headstrong’s Passage to India Consulting Magazine  

Jul 17, 2003 

EA Governance: From Platitudes to Progress Cutter IT Journal  

Jul 8, 2003 

META hikes Philippine ICT standing; RP shares honors with India - The Manila Times  

Jun 5, 2003 

Asia Insurance Review - Consultants Roundtable - Asia Insurance Review  

May 20, 2003 

Growth of CRM Services by 20% Expected in 2004 - CRMToday  

Apr 17, 2003 

An Interview with Charles Sword of Headstrong The Siebel Observer  

Apr 7, 2003 

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple Washington Technology  

Feb 28, 2003 

Does Fixed Income Trading Need "FIX"ing? Witold Sames (Reuters America, Inc.)  

Feb 20, 2003 

Investment-Management Technology Wall Street and Technology Online  

Dec 16, 2002 

State May Kill $17M Tech Plan Baltimore Business Journal  

Nov 15, 2002 

A Buyer's Guide to Offshore Outsourcing - CIO Magazine  

Sep 30, 2002 

An Interview with James Martin - Computerworld  

Sep 5, 2002 

Leading Systems Integrators to Resell Informatica Applications -  

Jul 8, 2002 

$17M Tech Contract Scuttled - Baltimore Business Journal  

Jun 5, 2002 

Kevin Dougherty to Head Headstrong - The Siebel Observer  

May 1, 2002 

A Dot-Com Survivor - SD Times  

Apr 22, 2002 

Day In The Life - Headstrong Consulting - Morgan Street Journal  

Apr 8, 2002 

One Consultant's Secrets to Successful CRM - SearchCRM  

Mar 12, 2002 

Data Warehousing Horizons: The Employee is Always Right - DM Review  

Mar 5, 2002 

CRM Summit: The Best Laid Plans Lead to ROI - SearchCRM  

Oct 30, 2001 

Web Mining: Surprising Revelations - The Financial Times  

Oct 22, 2001 

Who's Who in Technology - Atlanta Business Chronicle  

Oct 19, 2001 

Amid Troubled Times, Trusted Partners Valued  - VARBusiness  

Oct 1, 2001 

Data Warehousing Horizons: Global Customer Care Utilizing Data Warehouse and Web Technology - DM Review  

Oct 1, 2001 

Managing E-Learning Activity in a Soft Economy - Washington Business Journal  

Sep 1, 2001 

CRM: Not Just Operational and Collaborative - DM Review  

Jun 1, 2001 

Unlocking Your ERP Data: Business Intelligence for ERP Systems - DM Review  

Jun 1, 2001 

Computers Will Save Us: The Future According to James Martin - Discovery Magazine  

May 1, 2001 

The Chicago Tribune Gains a Competitive Advantage Through Digital Intelligence - The Data Warehousing Institute  

Apr 27, 2001 

Web Integrators Shuffle The Deck - CRN  

Feb 1, 2001 

Project Managers Find Tips, Tools, and Community at - Software Magazine  

Dec 12, 2000 

Headstrong Acquires Faber Consulting -  

Oct 15, 2000 

More Projects, Less Experience - SD Times  

Sep 15, 2000 

IT Services Firms Seek Private Attention - Red Herring  

Sep 13, 2000 

Headstrong Banks on Its Heritage - CRN  

Other Articles:

Hands Across the Waters: Piyush Gupta used to say he'd never send an IT project out of house again, never mind to a different company on a different continent. A veteran IBM project manager, Gupta first struggled with distributed projects back in the late 1980s, when working on that company's ill-fated OfficeVision development, which was spread across two continents. Later at Informix in Menlo Park, Calif., where he was a vice president of engineering, Gupta wrestled with projects so widely dispersed that they were difficult to reassemble, to say nothing of the challenges posed by substandard programming practices and revolving-door engineers demoralized by boring work in remote locations far from the corporate power center. (Read the article on