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Major Players in Outsourcing

More and more multinational companies are turning to offshore outsourcing to help them cut costs and free talent to come up with new products and services. In recent years, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Cisco, Unilever, ABN Amro, and Marriott have all signed megadeals with global outsourcing companies to overhaul internal operations such as accounting or human resources or to upgrade their technology.

This table represents research and consulting company Gartner Inc.'s analysis of the hot players in the global outsourcing business. Gartner's 10,000 global clients most frequently inquire about these companies as potential offshore partners. Gartner's hot list includes companies that offer software development, computer network support, R&D and engineering services, call centers, and business services from accounting to procurement. They have offshore staff stretching from Argentina to India to Tunisia. The companies represented here include boutique outfits that do under $100 million in offshore business a year and giants that take in billions through global outsourcing. The ranking is based on the frequency of queries from Gartner's 10,000 clients.
Ref: Company Reports, BusinessWeek and Gartner

Company and Headquarters Specialty Low-Cost Locations Offshore Revenue Range
Accenture (US) Software Development, Network Support, Finance & Accounting (F&A) Human Resources (HR) Procurement, Insurance Operations, General Banking India, Philippines, Spain, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, Australia Over $5 billion
ACS (US) F&A, HR, Payroll, Procurement. Telecom, Transportation, Healthcare Operations; General Banking, Mortgage Processing India, China, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain $1 billion-$5 billion
Capgemini (France) Software Development Canada, Mexico, Spain, Poland, India, Australia $1 billion-$5 billion
ClientLogic (US) Call Centers India, Philippines, Poland $100 million-$500 million
Cognizant Technology Solutions (US) Software Development, Network Support India, China, and Canada $500 million-$999 million
Convergys (US) Call Centers "India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Canada Over $1 billion
CSC (US) Software Development, Insurance Operations, Demand Management Canada, Bulgaria, Ireland, India, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain Over $5 billion
EDS (US) Software Development, Network Support; F&A, HR, Payroll, Demand Management, Procurement, Insurance, General Banking, Telecom, Transportation, Health Care Operations Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Hungary Over $5 billion
eTelecare International, Inc. (US) Customer Service Philippines Below $100 million
ExlService Holdings, Inc. (India) Insurance, Transportation Operations India Below $100 million
HCL Technologies (India) Software Development, Network Support, R&D/Engineering, Financial Services India $500 million-$999 million
Hewitt Associates (US) HR, Payroll, Procurement India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile Over $5 billion
Hewlett-Packard (US) F&A, Payroll, Procurement India Over $5 billion
IBM (US) Software Development, Network Support, F&A, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Insurance Operations India, Brazil, China, Mexico, Belarus, Philippines, South Africa, Romania, and Argentina Over $5 billion
ICICI OneSource (India) Call centers India Below $100 million
ICT Group (US) Call centers Philippines $100 million-$500 million
Infosys Technologies (India) Software Development, Network Support, Banking, Mortgage Processing India, Czech Republic, China, Australia $1 billion-$5 billion
Mphasis Corp. (India) Financial Services India, China, Australia Under $100 million
OfficeTiger (US) F&A, Financial Services, Transaction Processing India, Sri Lanka Under $100 million
Patni Computer Systems (India) Software Development,Network Support, R&D/Engineering India $500 million-$999 million
Sapient (US) Software Development India $100 million-$500 million
Satyam (India) Software Development, Network Support, R&D/Engineering India, China, Hungary, Brazil, Australia $500 million-$999 million
SITEL (US) Call Centers India, Phillipines, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Panama $500 million-$999 million
Softtek (Mexico) Software Development Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. $100 million-$500 million
SR.Teleperformance (France) Call Centers Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain Over $1 billion
Stream (US) Call Centers India, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Poland $100 million-$500 million
Sykes Enterprises (US) Call Centers India, Philippines, China $100 million-$500 million
Syntel (US) Software Development India $100 million-$500 million
Tata Consultancy Services (India) Software Development, R&D/Engineering, F&A, Telecom, Transportation, Hospitality Operations India, Hungary, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, China $1 billion-$5 billion
TeleTech (US) Call Centers India, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Northern Ireland; Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil Over $1 billion
vCustomer Corp. (US) Call Centers India Below $100 million
West Corp. (US) Call Centers India, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica $500 million-$999 million
Wipro (India) Software Development, R&D/Engineering, Demand Management, Mortgage Processing, Transportation Operations, Healthcare Operations, Banking, Mortgage Processing India, Canada $1 billion-$5 billion
WNS Global Services (India) Transportation Operations, Healthcare Operations, Banking, Mortgage Processing India, Sri Lanka Below $100 million
24/7 Customer (India) Customer Service India, Philippines Below $100 million
Data: Gartner, Company Reports, BusinessWeek

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