Book Title: Offshoring IT Services : A Framework for Managing Outsourced Projects

The book by Mohan Babu K bridges the gap between offshoring strategies and execution and delivery of offshored projects with an analysis of an Offshoring Management Framework [OMF].

Case in Point: Case Studies on Offshore Outsourcing and Offshoring refered in the book:

  • Micro-offshoring - Interview with CEO of Rent-A-coder (
  • SARS and the management of global risks
  • Cisco's Offshoring thrust
  • Questioning GE's 70 : 70 : 70 Rule
  • Outsourcing Project - Managers Wanted
  • Project Management - knowledge areas from PMBOK, mapped to Outsourcing and Offshoring
  • Infosys tools and process
  • Knowledge sharing at Infosys
  • Small scale outsourcing to India - ABX corp
  • Offshoring Application Development Life-Cycle
  • Offshoring Application Development at Vigilos
  • Case: Maintenance at large Telco
  • Sungards man in India
  • Communicating Offshoring to Employees (sensitizing them on offshore outsourcing strategies)
  • Case: Act in haste, repent at leisure
  • Blogs to manage projects - Wilcox Systems
  • Viewpoint on Offshore Outsourcing Communication - Tom Phillips
  • Therapy training in accent reduction, correct grammar usage
  • A day in the life of offshoring Project Manager
  • Case in point - From Tumkur to Toronto
  • Common Sense for Offshore Onsite Team Relationship - Deena L
  • Egoboo as a motivator for the global techie
  • Managing Technologies : Gold collar worker
  • Case Boom, bust and boom
  • Open Source Project Management: Trend to watch for
  • Knowledge Management at work
  • Viewpoint: Outsourcing and Information Security Risks
  • Case: A Sense of Where you are
  • BCS's Position Statement on Offshore Outsourcing
  • Training and course list on offshore outsourcing training
  • Trends: Offshore Project Management fundamentals

Key terms from the Index of the book "Offshoring IT Services : A Framework for Managing Outsourced Projects"  [The Author, K Mohan Babu is with Infosys] "Offshoring IT Services" on
Index ACM
Aberdeen Group Andre Nadeau
Abraham Maslow AOL
Blogging and Wikis Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)
Body Shops Application Life Cycle
B-Players Bhaskar Chakravorti
Burton Swanson BPM
Business Intellegence British Telecom
Benchmarking Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
Benjamin Limbach Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)
Change Control Board (CCB) Captive Development Centre
Change Management Captive Development Centre
Cisco Centres of Excellence (COE)
Controlling and Monitoring COCOMO
Core Competence Coding standards
COTS Communication layer
CRM communication management plan
Cross cultural teams Configuration Management
Cross functional teams content management
Cutter IT Journal Contract Administration
Deloitte report Data Mining
Digital Security Data wearhousing
Donald Knuth David Pells
Erran Carmel EAI
Execution Ed Sullivan
External Risk EDS (Electronic Data Systems)
Extreme Programming (XP) Egoboo
Frederick Herzberg E-Mails
Functional Point (FP) ERP 
Global Project Management
Gold Collar workers GE's 70:70:70
Gregory Millman Giga 
Global IT Manager Global Delivery Model
Hofstede, G Hall, E.T.
Ian Hayes Harvard Business Review
IBM Harvard Business Review
IEEE Information Technology Outsourcing
Instant Messengers Infosys  
ISO Infosys Case
IT Strategy Infosys Tools and processes
ITO and BPO Innovative Vs Sustain 
Knowledge Management John Tuman
Knowledge Sharing culture Joint Analysis and Design (JAD)
Legally Binding Contracts Joint Ventures
Line of Business (LOB) Knowledge
Offshoring Management Framework(OMF) Local Sourcing
Offshoring Transition Offshore/Onsite Mix
Onsite activities Offshoreability
Oracle Offshoring
Organisational Risk Offshoring Application Development
Outsourcing Offshoring definitions
Outsourcing Strategy Offshoring experts
Program Management Office Peter Drucker
Programme Management Piloting
Project Execution PMBOK
Proof of Concept (POC) PMI
Program Management Prahalad C.K
Quality Quality Assurance
R&D Rapid Application Development (RAD)
Ralph Kilem Rate of Interest (ROI)
Requirement Analysis (RA) Request for Information (RFI)
Return on Investment (ROI) Request for Proposals (RFP)
Risk Risk Analysis
Risk Tolerance Risk awareness
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Risk Mitigation
Software Culture SEI
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Self managed teams
Source Offsite Service Level Agreement
Sourcing to vendors Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Standish Group SMEs
Strategic Outsourcing Statement of Work (SOW)
Subject Matter Experts (SME) Stern Stewart & Co 
Subsidiaries Steve McConnell
Sweet Spot Strategic Inflexion Point
System Integration System Integration Test (SIT)
Test Plan Team Culture
Testing Team Dynamics
Thomas Lynch Teams
Tibco Technical Risk
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Technologies of Communication
Transition Management Technology vendors
User Accepting Testing (UAT) Unit Test
Use Case Points (UCP) Validation services
Virtual teams Video and Audio communication
VOIP Viligos
Yahoo Washington University
Zensar Waterfall model of Offshoring Strategy
Offshoring study mission' in India Wilcox Development Solutions
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